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The Wrstling Podcast - Special - Ice Ribbon’s Suzu Suzuki Interview

August 7, 2021

Back before you had a chance to miss us!

It’s a BONUS episode, as we had the opportunity to chat with the super-exciting, Suzu Suzuki!

Suzu is on an absolute tear in Ice Ribbon this year and has a big match coming up this weekend against podcast favourite Rina Yamashita. We cover a LOT of ground in this one so get comfy and enjoy!

A big thanks to both Farrah and Yappy who joined in with translation and context assistance throughout.


To find our guests on Twitter, Suzu is @ice_suzu, Yappy is @Yapi and Farrah at @farrahakase.

You can stay up to date with Ice Ribbon by following @IceRibbon_eng on Twitter. 

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Thanks as always to Rob Hawkins for our wonderful theme tune.
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