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The Wrstling Podcast #56 - Open The Wrstling Gate w/ Jae from Dragon Gate Network

October 27, 2021

It's official, Liam and Gareth are finally going to Open the Wrstling Gate!

After months of agonising, the boys have finally found their opportunity to start covering Dragon Gate and what better way to begin than by talking with the voice of the Dragon Gate network, Jae!

Jae brings the boys up to speed on the promotion's history, which stars to look out and the sizzling card for the forthcoming show, The Gate of Destiny, on November 3rd.

It's a really fun chat with interesting insights for Dragon Gate fans new and old!

You can watch The Gate of Destiny on Novermber 3rd at Dragon Gate Live
You can get a taster for free at their official YouTube channel here.

Be sure to follow @DragonGateEn for official English updates, and you can follow Jae's personal account here.

In addition, you can find us at: @wrstlingpod, @metaphwoarr, & @LWyatt_probably

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